1. Oracle Cloud Services

Robotron is your exclusive contact in the area of Oracle cloud services in Switzerland and Austria for call-off contracts and services from the GÉANT or OCRE framework agreements. You will save time-consuming tenders as a research institution, college or university and can use the cloud services at short notice. Robotron supports you not only with contractual administration but also with a complete service portfolio. From help getting started with Always-Free Services to operational support (7x24h SLA) of highly critical systems, our experts are at your side.


Overview of the most important advantages of the Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Cloud with locations in Zurich (CH), Frankfurt (D) and Amsterdam (NL), among others, is a 2nd generation cloud. Whether CERN or the Swiss Federal Administration: Everyone is convinced of the performance, the security and the low costs of operating applications in the Oracle Cloud. But what does this mean in comparison to AWS, Azure and Co.

Predictable High Capacity and Performance

Each service in the Oracle Cloud receives the allocated resources. Overprovisioning as with other cloud providers does not occur. This is why Oracle offers you Service Level Agreements for performance and service level angreements and provides service credit payback if the performance cannot be delivered (see: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement | Oracle Germany), from the simple VM to high-performance computing (see: High Performance Computing (HPC) | Oracle Germany).

Openness to Technology

Whether for operating systems, VM (also VMWare) workload or bare metal systems: In the Oracle Cloud, everyone can deploy what they need. Or use prefabricated services up to "Autonomous" Database or Linux. Oracle can always provide the right platforms for R&D and teaching. And it does so more cost-effectively than the competition, while offering dedicated performance at the same time. No matter whether virtualized as always-free, fee-based or as bare metal, GPU or high performance computing.

Network Traffic Costs

Oracle offers the best conditions for network traffic compared to its competitors. Traffic to the cloud is always free, traffic from the cloud is also free for the first 10TB. Each additional GB costs $0.0085 (as of October 2021). By comparison, 5GB of outbound traffic is free at Microsoft Azure. But at 20TB, the costs at MS Azure exceed those of Oracle by a factor of more than ten.


Oracle technologies are all identical on-premises and in the cloud. There is no difference in the functional scope of databases or other technologies, as is the case with competitors. Therefore, in addition to technology consistency, it is easy for Oracle to guarantee predictable minimum availability and manageability of services. Again, credits will be issued to you if those criteria are not fulfilled.

Security First

In the Oracle Cloud, the topic of security is completely implemented from the hardware to the application. Machine learning and artificial intelligence monitor the system. There are no privileges that are assigned out-of-the-box (see: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Architecture).

Our Service Portfolio in the Cloud Environment

Consulting and Sales of Oracle Cloud Services

Our agile sales team supports you in all questions regarding the selection and procurement of Oracle Cloud Services. This allows uncomplicated clarification of specific questions in advance. Furthermore, we can arrange test settings and special usage rights with the manufacturer for you in order to respond to any situation.

Proof of Concepts for Oracle Public Cloud

Robotron supports you to extensively evaluate Oracle Public Cloud Services. In particular, PaaS and IaaS infrastructures can be examined with corresponding test scenarios for the specific objectives of your company or institution. This makes it possible to thoroughly test the requirements of the specialist department as well as those of IT operations within the scope of a Proof of Concepts (PoC).

A PoC can be concluded with comprehensive documentation and processing of the findings upon request. We are also happy to support you with in-house presentations for your management.

Cloud Project Implementation

We provide all-round service for your cloud project. We can support you with our consultants in all project phases (consulting and conception, service administration, migration, if necessary, and going live).

Professional Services (Operational Support and Managed Services) for Your Oracle Cloud Services

Similar to on-premises offerings, Robotron can provide fine-tuned support services for the operation of your cloud infrastructure. We complement your existing forces with our professional services portfolio so that the cloud service fits seamlessly into your infrastructure. For instance, we can support your 24x7 operations from a simple DBA on-call service to automated, full-scale, active monitoring of your systems.

Robotron Is a Certified Member of the Oracle Partnernetwork

As a long-standing Oracle partner, we not only have certified expertise, but also the necessary field experience in what the introduction and migration to Oracle infrastructures means for our customers. We invite you to benefit from the support of our Oracle professionals for your database and cloud projects. We are looking forward to passing on our knowledge to you. We offer a variety of different courses and hands-on workshops around Oracle technologies in our own Robotron training center.

Learn more about our training offerings

Cooperation with Research Institutions

Robotron is working with several research institutions on further developing intelligent software solutions. Particularly in context of the energy industry, joint expertise from industry and research is required in order to explore forward-looking concepts. Want an example? Discover our pilot project Smart Campus. Robotron is also committed to promoting young academics and supports working students, doctoral candidates and students who are completing a hands-on project or semester. Thereby, we closely cooperate with universities and universities of applied sciences.

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